International nonproprietary name


Pharmacological group

Antifungal agent

Active substance


Chemical formula



Light yellow to yellow powder with specific odour, hygroscopic, unstable to influence of light, oxygen and heating.

Molecular mass



5000 U/mg

Pharmacological action

Antifungal, fungistatic. It has a considerable quantity of double bounds in the structure, it causes high tropism of the antibiotic to sterols of fungi cellular membrane. Thereof the molecules are built in the cellular membranes with formation of set of channels promoting uncontrollable transport of water, electrolytes and non-electrolytes. The cell loses stability to influence of external osmotic forces, it results in lysis.
It has fungistatic and antifungal action in vitro against yeast and yeast-like fungi, especially against Candida spp. (including C. albicans), and also Aspergillus spp. When topical application acts mainly on Candida spp. It is inactive against bacteria, protozoa, Trichomonas vaginalis, Gardnerella vaginalis and viruses. Tolerance of sensitive fungi to nystatin develops very slowly.

After oral administration it is not adsorbed from gastrointestinal tract. It is almost completely eliminated with excrements in not changed form. Not cumulated.

The use of drugs based on 'Nystatin'

Prophylaxis of candidiasis development at long treatment with antibacterial drugs, especially at the exhausted and weakened patients; candidiasis of mucosas (including vaginas, rectum and inferior departments of intestine) and skin.


Meets to the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.


Two-layer polyethylene bags 0,5; 1,5; 2,0; 2,5; 3; 3,5; 4,0 kg into tin canisters.

Drugs produced OJSC «BIOSINTEZ», based on the substance 'Nystatin'

-Nystatin tablets, film coated 250 000 U, 20 pcs
-Nystatin tablets, film coated 500 000 U, 20 pcs
-Tetracycline and Nystatin tablets, coated 100 000 U, 10 pcs
-Nystatin ointment for topical use 100 000 U/g, 30 g
-Nystatin suppositories, vaginal 250 000 U, 10 pcs
-Nystatin suppositories, vaginal 500 000 U, 10 pcs
-Nystatin suppositories, rectal 250 000 U, 10 pcs
-Nystatin suppositories, rectal 500 000 U, 10 pcs

Storage conditions

In a dry place, protected from light, at a temperature of not more than +5°C.

Expiration date

2 years